You’re Never Too Old to Be Young!

By Charlie Watson

With the beginning of a new year (new cycling year and new club) it is time to reassess the goals for the season and plan some sort of strategy, from a fitness point of view and for the incoming season. Being in my mid 50s means that I have to be careful not to overdo it too often with big mileage as it’s a question of a little less but more often – that’s if I don’t lose time through injury or, more importantly, bits of my body falling off!

Age is only a number as the 105 year old Monsieur Marchand can testify after riding a world record 14 miles in an hour. Or the ‘Jensie’ (Jens Voight), at 45, climbing 9,000 metres (the equivalent height of Everest) in 24 hours for charity. I don’t think, though, I will be aspiring to any of these heady heights but a few sportives will do just to test myself.

A crowd of us have registered for the Tour de Conamara so my peak of fitness should be around the end of May…..hopefully, when I hope to be one stone lighter and in the best fitness of my life……well, you never know. Here’s hoping but not betting. To get there, the training programmes could be many and varied – using power meters, Hiit training, 20 minute interval training, hill climb training, etc. On top of that, I can assist the process by taking a whole plethora of supplements and foodstuffs. The likes of fish oils, Vitamin E & D supplements, antioxidants (such as grape skin extracts and berries) and, before doing a sportive, beetroot for performance (even though it does tend to make your pee turn a strange colour!). After the event, protein and milk shakes to aid recovery. The list is almost endless and dear knows how much good they actually do. But, wait a minute, I am not training for the Olympics so good mileage with some intensity and hill climbing thrown in should do the trick. Blimey! That sounds a bit like Co Down doesn’t it?

So, Co Down roads it mostly is, as I have been doing all winter, but with much more regularity. Will Catherine and the children ever see me? Hopefully, I won’t be spending that much time on the bike as I am not obsessed and mighty glad it is not that way either.

Ah well, time to get out on the bike then!

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